Dream of a midsummer Capocollo

Territory, commitment, traditions, perspectives and ambitions run every day between the corridors of Salumificio Santoro, in constant commitment to what has always fascinated us: quality. Passion made gratifying by the people who daily choose our products and allow us to pass on these traditions over time: the restaurateurs, the wine shops, the grocers, the hosts, the paninari.

For one evening, with all this energy that transforms the hard work of men into a great opportunity for development and exchange, we would simply like to express our gratitude and dedicate this party to all the people who make our reality of human affairs vibrate. professional satisfactions, new projects and beautiful experiments, with dreams like this: A Midsummer Capocollo dream, a moment to open the doors of our home where our cured meats will be the protagonists.

In the gallery you will find the recipe created for the occasion by Singerfood