The swines of Valle d'Itria

Growing in Valle d'itria

Respecting the founding values of our reality and our Community of the Swine of Valle d'Itria, as the protection and enhancement of the local pig and the gastronomic and agri-food tradition of Valle d'Itria, Santoro pigs grow in a semi-wild state, free to graze between woods and fields in the territories of Cisternino, Locorotondo and Martina Franca, without forcing the growth process nor manipulating their natural nourishment.


They graze in Valle d'Itria


They grow in a semi-wild state


Minimum weight 180 kg

Origin and nourishment

The Santoro pig was born from the crossing of three races historically present in the Valle d'Itria area: Large White, breed known and appreciated all over the world, Landrace, with distant Northern European origins and Duroc, the third most important breed of pigs in Italy.

The nutrition

It grows for at least 12 months and its nourishment is based on Mediterranean maquis, especially on corn, barley, bran, field beans and acorns belonging to the famous Fragno, a trans-Adriatic oak present almost exclusively in Valle d'Itria. It is this natural power to make the pig in the Valle d'Itria different from any other pig on the Italian territory and Santoro's gastronomic products unique in their simplicity.

The cuts of the Santoro swine

Capocollo Filetto lardellato Guanciale Santorino e Santorella Salami Pancetta