15 things to do (and eat) in NYC - 5 more tips and tricks

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We continue our unusual list of places to visit and things to do in the Big Apple, the city that will keep you awake overwhelming (literally) throughout your stay.

1. Lobster Roll

They will give you a thousand addresses, becouse of the gastronomic trend that broke out a few years ago, our advice is Luke's Lobster: easy, there are 3 in the city, the sandwiches are small but excellent, fresh lobster and as it is an article that costs a lot, if you take it here, it allows you to take off the whim without signing a surety.


2. Burger, second episode

5 Napkin Burger: in Midtown, it was right behind our hotel thankfully, they all recommended it before departure. First thing we tasted in NYC as soon as we arrived, good bread and meat, we loved the CLASSIC CHEESE and if you love them we recommend the sweet potato fries (very common sweet potato fries).


3. If you suffer the time zone exits, it is a good opportunity to walk, at any time. In the morning you have to listen to the American radio, call at least a taxi by raising a hand in the middle of the road, take a long American coffee and walk around the city clutching it (we did not even love him, try to believe), be amazed to live in a continuous deja-vu, convinced that you have already seen those corners and those scenes of everyday life. The lights and the deafening sirens will be the most vivid memory for a long time.

4. Shopping

Baloon Saloon, the inflatable articles paradise. http://www.balloonsaloon.com/


Awoke Vintage, for the more American Levi's. https://www.awokevintage.com/


Beacon's closet, the real used, we have done great business. https://beaconscloset.com/pages/bushwick

5. Chinese

Red Farm, true Chinese, dumpling (steamed ravioli) to tip over, take those of Pacman (one different from the other) and the chicken is great. Book a little early, wonderful dinner at the social table where it will be easy to be next to beautiful models (blow of self-esteem).


Next week we close with the third episode on our NYC!

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