Pancapocollo NEW

Sizes: 400 gr.

The new, precious, glamorous, exclusive Pancapocollo in Vasocottura!

Brother of the Classic Pancapocollo, in 400 g format, cooked in glass and vacuum-packed: shelf-life increased to 6 months, portion that can also be consumed by 2 people, beautiful glass jar that can be reused indefinitely once the Pancapocollo is finished. Same recipe loved for three years, three more reasons to love it from now on.

Soft wheat flour, Capocollo di Martina Franca 20% (pork, salt, pepper, cooked wine, smoked with fragno wood), centrifugal butter from fresh milk, sugar, egg yolk, live sourdough (wheat flour) soft wheat, water), candied orange paste (orange, glucose syrup, fructose, sugar), sulla honey, barley malt, salt, bourbon vanilla bean.

Conservation info

In a cool and dry place, use within 6 months from the packaging date.

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