Proudly made in Puglia

A family, before a company

This is the story of a family. Indeed, two.

Because our cured meat factory is born from the perseverance of Giuseppe Santoro and the vision of Piero Caramia, both butchers for over forty years. Giuseppe and Piero learned what they know in the historical shops of their countries of origin. The first, by Cisternino, founded the company in 2000. The second, by Martina Franca, made possible with his arrival in 2009 a new course made of great energy and professionalism. And there are now Angela, Micaela, Nico and Silvio who, with their words and their passion, write pages of a new story, always in balance between tradition and modernity, the love for the territory and the desire to discover the world, the artisan quality of the product and the original use of the means of communication.

Cured meats

All cured meats have common characteristics that distinguish and differentiate them: in addition to the quality of the raw material, there are two characteristics that link these products to the land in which they are born, that is, the aromatization with "cooked wine" coming from grapes of the Verdeca vine and the smoking with bark of "Fragno", a type of oak that is almost exclusively present in Valle d'Itria.

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Story of a cured meat factory in the heart of Puglia

Being born in the right place is a fortune. But the commitment and care, the respect of the product and the territory make a difference.

Our philosophy has always been based on two principles: tradition and simplicity, fundamental characteristics thanks to which for over twenty years, we produce unique cured meats capable of satisfying different needs. The company is one of the producers who gave life to the Capocollo di Martina Franca Association, that protects this characteristic cured meats of the gastronomic culture of the territory.

The Capocollo di Martina Franca is the best known and appreciated local product, the undisputed king of the Apulian pork-butchery, to which is added the production of other meats, all linked to local traditions and processed exclusively by hand.


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